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iEMDR is not used for medical conditions that are produced by other medical conditions such as aneurysms, arthritis, cancer, cardiovasculular, clogged or inflamed arteries, diabetes, fibromyalgia, gall stones, head injury, infections, inflammatory diseases, gout, lupus, meningitis, osteoporosis, tumours or any disease where the etiology of the headache is primarily medical in nature.

However it is important to note that where migraines are unrelated to the above or similar conditions treatment can be provided. E.g. A person has diabetes and a headache due to low sugar levels. This would not be suitable for iEMDR treatment. A different person has diabetes and unrelated migraines. This person would in all probability be suitable for iEMDR treatment.

iEMDR is experimental in nature, but is totally safe and has been effective in treating many migraine sufferers.